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welcome to nocodesbarred

Quick Code Execution

Performance is always one of my top priorities when developing a website. Hand coding affords me the ability to write clean, fast, efficient code that will keep your website light and moving fast.

Responsive Web Design

In a world gone mobile, with ever changing screen dimensions, the need for responsive design is crucial. Utilizing a dynamic grid system, I can ensure a quality responsive design that will work with any device.

Modern Front End Design

Making use of the latest front end technologies affords me the ability to create exciting interactive user experiences.

Powerful Dynamic Back End

At the core of every good dynamic website is a strong back end foundation. Utilizing databases and powerful server side languages, I can control the structure and flow of content throughout your site.

Intuitive Custom CMS

My custom content management system was developed specifically to give you full control over your site content, and utilities.

Effective SEO Strategy

What good is having an awesome website if no one can find it. I always develop with a SEO strategy in mind to ensure your site climbs its way up the search rankings.

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